Holiday Sessions 

Holiday sessions start in November and will run all the way up until Christmas!  We will have sets for those who celebrate different holidays and those who just want a great deal on their annual family portraits!   There will be on-location mini-sessions held on various weekends at different locations in November and Holiday sessions every weekend in December out at Mckee Ranch!    For those who do not want to deal with the weather, we will have many in-studio sets to choose from!  

On Location Sessions

Nelson's Mine November 4th and 5th 

For the more hip family, Nelson's Landing is filled with old rusty trucks and barns.  This location is about an hour away from Vegas and is worth the long drive! . Jeans and a bright colors work best!   

Price is $129 and includes the  30 min shoot, your permit and a $99 credit to purchase photos! 

RED ROCK November 11th and 12th  {permit pending*}

In November, Red Rock is the most gorgeous place to shoot!  The fall colors are vibrant with golds, yellows and reds.  This locations offers a wide varitey of backdrops in just 1 setting! 

Price is $129 and includes the  30 min shoot, and a $99 credit to purchase photos! 

*If we do not get the permit we will change locations to Spring Mt Ranch in the main field where permits are not required!

ROSE PARK November 18th and 19th  

It is SNOWING in Vegas....We wish!  LALA photography creates their very own winter wonderland right in Southern Highlands.  All shoots include digital snow free of charge to make this beautiful location a little more, tis the season. 

Price is $129 and includes the  30 min shoot, and a $99 credit to purchase photos! 

Spring Mt Ranch  Various Dates

Spring Mt Ranch is one of the most gorgeous places in Las Vegas!  Fall colors everywhere! We will be shooting only full sessions here. Our Permit only allows us to have 15 people a day.  Each time slot is for MAX. 5 people. If you have more than that please sign up for 2 time slots.  

Price is $249 and includes the  1hr , and a $99 credit to purchase photos! 

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