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November 29th ,& 30th December 1st, 6th 7th 8th, 13th 14th 15th, 20th 21st 22nd

3 Sets to choose from! 

Please note,  We were unable to shoot promos for our new set up.  All sets will have the same feel as the photos picture below just moved around to different areas in our shooting area. The white set will be White and Red!  There will not be a Santa this year. 



WHERE:  Mckee Ranch,  8982 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89139


WHEN: See Dates on Calendar 

COST:  $59 includes 15-20 minute session and credit of $59 (3 digital images) towards your purchase! 


Detail: Your session fee is non-refundable.  Each slot allows for up to  3 children plus adults.   If there are more than 3 children, it is recommended  you sign up for 2 sessions.    {There are 2 photographers shooting appointments on Sat and Sunday. You will notice our calendar books them every 10 minutes. The photographers will be rotating } WALK INS WELCOME! 















Can we do an outfit change ?-- No, These shoots will not be allowed to have an outfit change. If you would like to layer we can allow that.


Large Groups/Multiple families-- Please book one family per slot. Book 20 minutes apart.  Mckee Ranch is a great place to have large family groups that are in town for the Holidays!  Each family MUST buy a slot. We need the complete large family group to arrive at the same time, so we can shoot as many different combinations as possible.  Each family will get their own purchasing gallery with the crossed poses copied into both galleries.  Galleries will NOT be combined for ANY reason.     


How many photos will I get to choose from ? -- That depends on several factors.  If you have been to us before you know we take a ton of photos and we are great at getting your little one to smile!   The time slots are around 20 mins long so that gives us plenty of time to get several shots and different set ups!   Depending on age our goal is to get anywhere from 20-30 photos for you guys! Most sessions yield around 40+!  Here are some tips to maximize your shoot:


                                               * Do NOT schedule around nap time

                                      * Plan to arrive 10 mins early to have your child acclimate to the surroundings.

                                      * Come dressed and ready to shoot!





What is the turnaround time?- We try to have your photos ready for online proofing a week from your photo shoot. Sometimes if we have a lot of volume, upload times on our end can be slow and we need an extra day! 


Can I be in the photos with my child?- YES!! We love family's being in the photos!  Please make sure your outfit matches! PLEASE DRESS YOUR CHILD FOR THE WEATHER THAT DAY.  IF IT IS COLD MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN ARE WARM.  It will ultimately result in bad photos if you choose an outfit that is not weather appropriate. 


Do you provide the outfits?-  We will have some clothes out there, but we recommend that you come dressed and ready to shoot!   


What age is best?- All Ages!! Make sure that if your baby is not sitting up yet that you are prepared to be in the photos with them! If you do not want to--NO PROBLEM! We have buckets we can prop them up in!   Tweens and teens have an amazing time out here too!  

Can I bring my dogs?- OF COURSE! They MUST be on a leash!  Just a tip ! Dogs are hard to shoot, so if you have children who are harder to shoot then putting a dog in the mix can be extremely stressful! 


Can I sign up from my cell phone?-YES! If you allow pop-ups you will be able to register from your cell phone.  You will just need to pay before your registration is complete


Can I sign up for 2 slots so I have more time?-YES! But please be aware that you will have 2 separate galleries.  Meaning, If you would like to purchase all from both time slots you will pay for them as if they are separate shoots.  The 2 time slot cannot be combined for any reason

* On  weekends please sign up for the time slots every 20 minutes. 

Double session policy:  Many people want  or need to sign up for a double session.  You can absolutely do this if you have a large group or children that are at more challenging ages, or you want to make sure you get photos in every set!  Be aware that each session will be in separate purchasing galleries. The first 20 minutes will go in one gallery the second or third 20 minutes will go into another gallery. You will receive 2 codes worth $59. You CANNOT STACK these coupons. They will only be valid for ONE gallery. You will have to check out twice.   GALLERIES WILL NOT BE COMBINED FOR ANY REASON! 

* On  weekends please sign up for the time slots every 20 minutes. 

What if it rains or bad weather?-YIKES! We have only had 3 rain out days in the last 4 years! But if it does happen, everyone will be notified via email and also a FACEBOOK POST update will be posted an HOUR BEFORE the first shoot. We STILL SHOT if it is sprinkling. If you feel uncomfortable with any weather. No problem, just let us know and you can come in as a walk in another day that works for you. If there is not another day, a credit for an in studio regular session will be issued and must be used within 90 days. If you NO SHOW, you will NOT be issued a refund or credit. 

Can I change my appointment time after signing up?-YES! But there is a $25 appointment transfer fee to another Mckee Ranch Spring Event ONLY.  You will have to call the studio at 702-557-1511 to change your appointment.   No Refunds. Transferable amount of $50, only good for regular in studio sessions if unable to reschedule for another time in this event.   No shows will get ZERO credit. You must call within 72 hours to be able to transfer or receive your in studio credit! 

MCKEE RANCH Entrance Donation:  The sitting fee does NOT include entrance donation into Mckee Ranch.  $20/family which includes a fun day on the farm!  For more information please go here  THANK YOU for supporting the Mckee Ranch foundation

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